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I haven’t posted in sooo long! But will try to update everyone! My anxiety has been so horrible lately but I have been going to church and praying hopefully it gets better soon. Tinleigh is sooo smart and I am so proud of who she is.

I am doing so well with letting Blake go. I don’t miss him anymore. I am still hurting for Tinleigh though because I will be the one explaining all of this to her. He is having another girl too, which makes it difficult.

Day 75.

Life has been sooo crazy! There are still days I miss him, but nothing like before. I don’t hate him anymore- just his choices. Our daughter will never have her biological father, and I am beginning to accept that it isn’t my fault! I can’t force him to stay. As for this baby, I can’t say what his choices will be… All I know is at some point in the future ill have more children too. We will both move on. It’s crazy to think that is even the person I was once soooo in love with…

Day 74.

I found out yesterday Blake was arrested. It was extremely satisfying to know he is still not bettering himself AT ALL. It makes all the decisions I am making so much easier to make. Tinleigh is absolutely perfect… And I don’t want someone like him around her, dad or not. She deserves soooo much more than that.

Day 72.

I can honestly say I am happier now than ever before. I finally have someone that makes me happy. And had it not been for Blake I’d never know him. I spent so much time thinking I would never forgive Blake and now I want to call and thank him for everything he did to lead me where I am. He tried ruining my life and he made it sooooo much better than it ever could have been with him.

Day 71.

I’m really behind on days… Anyways.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Blake didn’t get Tinleigh anything, didn’t even call. Not surprising though, I mean he already has another “family”.. I want to hate him. I want so badly to wish him the worst… But right now I am so happy in my personal life it is hard to no matter what he has done. I had a conversation with someone in his family today and it made me see all over again what a negative person he is. I am so glad God guided me away from someone like him.

Day 70.

Thought of Blake a lot today. I don’t miss him, just wonder a lot of things. I look at T and can’t seem to figure out how he could just leave and never look back. Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream. He was more excited than me to be having a little girl… What happen? He will never tell me and I’m sure someday ill completely accept it. But everyday is different.

Day 69.

I am working toward being happy for Blake. The anger I feel now is more for Tinleigh than myself. She deserved her dad… But she doesn’t need him the way he has been. It’s sad. I know someday I will be MARRIED and having my second (or third) baby. I am confident in the fact my life will be way better than his is and will be in the future. People change. You just gotta let em go no matter how bad you wanna help them fix them self.

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